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"BLUE" Gets into Film Festivals!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

This summer, like the past three summers of my life, was spent at Camp Reel Stories making short films. I was lucky enough to be invited to be apart of the Camp Reel Stories Institute Program after two years of Beginner Boot Camp. At the institute, I was a part of making the film ,"BLUE". The film is a narrative about a young lady named Cleo. She lives in a society where most people regularly take Euphoria, a "happiness" inducing drug.The drug is meant to make the consumer happy all the time without any other interfering emotions. This film tackles the serious topics of depression and suicide in a hauntingly beautiful way.

"BLUE", has been accepted into the Girls Make Movies film festival presented by the Hawai'i Women in Film. The short film has also been accepted into the Opificer Media Student Film Festival! The filmmakers got to professionally color correct the film with Mission Film & Design in San Francisco. Here's the link to the color corrected version:

I felt, and still feel, so blessed to have been apart of the CRS Institute this year! The entire group was made up of twelve young women who were anywhere from juniors to incoming college freshmen. I was an incoming sophomore, the youngest in the group. It was incredible to be surrounded by other young women who wanted to be part of the same industry and have similar career interests as me. I certainly learned a lot about filmmaking in only two weeks. Being in the Institute elevated my film-making knowledge and experience.


After checking out "BLUE" and all the other amazing CRS films make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel: Kayla with a Cause

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